Friday Fun Breakfast

Lila is a “what are we doing today?” kid. (So, basically a regular kid) She wants to know what is going on. She wants to prepare, anticipate, and have time for follow-up questions. She also likes treats. Special things are her favorite. So, if I asked her what she wanted for breakfast each morning, she’d say any of her very favorite things. She loves pancakes and she thinks cereal is a super special treat. Those are fine breakfasts, but pancakes every morning will make me want to rip my hair out and neither option really top the charts for nutrition. 

My solution: The breakfast schedule. 

I got the idea from Tiina (yes, with two “i”s). She makes eggs for her kids on Wednesdays. So I thought, why not take it one step further? 

So, since about January, we’ve been on the following breakfast schedule. 


Tuesday- Oatmeal 

Wednesday- Eggs (different variations with toast and bacon or sausage) 

Thursday- Cereal (because I’m a cool mom!) 

Friday- Pancakes. Lila loves to cook so she makes the pancake batter and cooks them herself. I help measure and I’m the sues chef.  

Weekends are always different and I reserve the right to “wing it” two mornings of the week. 

Making pancakes everyday would exhaust me. It takes a lot of my energy to smile and be patient and watch my coffee get cold while we make a disaster of the kitchen. But the kids love it and so I do it one-really-intentional-time a week (with option to bonus on the weekends). I don’t get begged to do it everyday, they know the schedule, so I get to do it joyfully. We all win. 

So, since the schedule is so concrete and a part of our rhythm, I thought we should give it a tweak. (did you know, a great way to start a new habit is to attach it to a strong existing habit?) When I asked Lila what kinds of things she wanted to do with her summer, she said she wanted to cook more. So, while I’m tempted to say, “just let me do it” to save the kitchen from a bigger mess and to get it accomplished faster, I decided to let Lila bake at least one new thing a week. 

Thus “Friday Fun Breakfast” was born. 

So this morning was the first one. She came downstairs at 7:00 (when her alarm goes off allowing her to leave her room) fully dressed in the outfit she asked me to lay out for her last night. She said in her sing-songy excited voice, “Good morning Mom, do you know what today is? Special Breakfast Day!” (to be honest, her baby brother was crying and pulling my hair and I hadn’t had enough coffee, but she was right and I had to take a moment to prepare myself)

A few minutes later, Daniel, Lila and I were gathering ingredients, writing our recipe and taking turns measuring and pouring. It was slow as molasses in the best way, and soon our crepe batter was ready. We all had lunch at the farmers market a couple weeks ago and we stopped at the crepe stand. Lila asked if we could make some soon, so it was the perfect recipe to kick of our summer.  

Also, how cool is this crepe gear. Maybe one of these days I’ll get one for Lila! 

My plan is to post a photo each week of what we make and keep track of the recipes we make. 

So here’s to slow Friday mornings, reheating and reheating coffee, messy kitchen counters and big sticky smiles.


Happy Friday friends! 


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