Mother and Boys

I get two and a half hours with my boys each weekday and it is a game changer for me. When I was pregnant with Daniel, I thought that Lila wouldn’t get enough attention with a baby around, but the opposite was true! 

When Lila was a baby, she had all of my attention all of the time. The videos of her singing and saying her first words, taking her first steps and trying her first foods are all of just her. She didn’t have to share the spotlight. Daniel, on the other hand, was lucky to get filmed learning to crawl in the background of the videos of Lila’s “Let it Go” covers. 

So when our Jo boy came around, we were like, “Went to get some fresh air with the babe!”

awww! what a moment!

But then really got this picture.

his face! He’s been photobombed!

Attention is currency to kids (and, well, adults too). They want it and need it and there are days when I beat myself up for not having enough attention to give. I want them each to feel like they can have all of my undivided attention at some point in the day. They each mean the whole world to me and I want them to feel that way! I struggle with budgeting my time and attention out evenly and not just to the loudest, most demanding, or most persistent kid of the moment (which could be any of us at any given time.) 

So, with a couple of hours in the mornings, I can usually find a chance throughout each week to grab a moment like this….

or this….

Or…dare I grab a moment for me? (yes I do, and without apology) 

It is such a sweet gift to me. I cherish the one-on-one I’m getting with my boys.  Lila is LOVING the time and learning (crafts are her love language) she’s getting in those hours at school. When she gets off the bus, she’s just boiling over with stories and enthusiasm and ready to take center-stage as “Our Main Girl” again. 

The rest of the days and on the  weekends, we’re back to this….

…piled on each other at the crack of dawn and ready to pounce on Daddy before he even has a chance to smell his coffee. It’s a……cozy life. Snug. Close. Intimate. But, then again,thats exactly how we want our family be. The people we go on adventures with, and return from adventures to. 

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  1. Angela says:

    The struggle is real.
    Who needs me now?
    Was I enough?
    Do I do enough?
    Did I make perfect use if my time with them?

    I ask this at the end if every day and come up short. I hate it.
    There are so many that I know each day, in some way, someone falls thru the cracks.

    I’m supposed to say something about Gods grace here. I know it in my heart but the feelings are still there each evening.

    Cherish your boy moments.
    And “all the moments”.
    You don’t need me to tell you that wise friend.

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