Advent for Kids Christmas Hack

Hey guys. 

Real life Darla here. 

So, if you follow me on any social media platforms, you may remember this adorable advent tree I made for the kids. I used pages of an old book, cut out cute shapes and wrote bible verses to look up on the back of each shape for each day leading up to Christmas. It was so pretty! It was homemade and original! I loved it! 

BUT, want to know how many days we cuddled up to that book page tree, spoke of the miracle of Christmas, and read the verse of the night? 

ZERO days. None. Not even a single night. 

I just kept looking at it for an entire month, feeling like a failure. 

So after Christmas, I carefully took it down and wrapped it all up nicely with plans to try again next year. (which was last year) 

Last year, I put it up nicely in our living room, told Lila what it was, and planned to diligently and intentionally prepare for the birth of our baby savior. This was going to be redemption for my little book page tree. 

Well, guess how many days we cuddled up to that book page tree, spoke of the miracle of Christmas, and read the verse of the night? 

Guys, zero. Loser McLoserton over here just couldn’t make it happen. So, after last Christmas, I took it down nicely and threw it in the garbage. I decided that if it wasn’t happening, it wasn’t happening. 

This year, though, I came up with a new plan. It was going to be cheap, easy and have the built in accountability of irresistible fun for the kids. 

I decided to put the Share catalog at my library to work. It is an amazing resource where you can look up any book or book theme you want, select any book you’d like, and the staff at the local library will go get them all for you and have them waiting at the front desk for you to check out. If you want a book that is at any other library in your entire district, they will send it to your library and it will be waiting for you. This was a game changer for me in my reading life. I can get my hands on just about any book I want. 

Right after thanksgiving, I logged on and started looking up christmas books for kids. Baby Christmas books, dinosaur Christmas books, ballerina Christmas books, Faith based Christmas books, and any book that looked like something my kids would enjoy. I put books on hold from libraries EVERYWHERE in hopes of getting them to me in time. The first batch came in, I ran to the dollar store for wrapping paper and tape, wrapped each rented library book and put it under the tree. 

My trees lights are half dead, I never bought a tree skirt, I didn’t get a really cute picture of my kids in Christmas jams for this blog post, I don’t know what that black cord goes to, but my kids have opened a book every night, and cuddled up to me as I read a Christmas story out loud. They haven’t let us forget to do it because they are excited to see what book is next! The best part is, I didn’t have to buy and store 25 Christmas books. I just have to return them at the end of the month. If there is any book they really love, I can just buy that one. (There are a few really fun ones in there!) 

Is it perfect? No. But it’s something, and THEY love it and so we ACTUALLY do it. That’s what matters. 

  1. French, Jackie.
  2. Westerlund, Kate.
  3. Watt, Fiona.
  4. Morpurgo, Michael
  5. Devlin, Wende
  6. Moncure, Jane Belk
  7. Trondheim, Lewis
  8. Trueit, Trudi Strain
  9. Loates, Lyn
  10. Godwin, Laura
  11. Mackall, Dandi Daley
  12. Amerikaner, Susan
  13. Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe)
  14. Bonnet, Rosalinde
  15. Elschner, GĂ©raldine
  16. Smith, Brendan Powell
  17. Nutcracker
    E.T a Hoffman 
  18. Trueit, Trudi Strain
  19. Piper, Sophie
  20. Rock, Lois
  21. Vivas, Julie
  22. Dinosaur Christmas
    Jerry Pallotta
  23. Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker  
     James Mayhew           

This was our Christmas Eve and we read the Bible Story from The Jesus Storybook Bible (Which I highly recommend!) 

Look, I’m just going for progress, not perfection. Hence the fact that I’m not even posting this until January. Either way. I am so happy with how it worked out and just had to share it here! 


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  1. Jamie T. says:

    I just got around to reading this….I LOVE this idea – so awesome to wrap library books! Thanks for sharing and your kids are SOOO cute! 🙂

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