Before Baby to-do List

I love lists. I love to make them and cross things off of them. I even love snooping on other people’s lists. So, here is a list I have going. And, as weird as it sounds, I’m actually going to post it. Who knows, maybe you guys are a bunch of list loving weirdos too! 

Before Baby to-do list

  • Get Lila outfitted for Ballet Class
  • Pack hospital “go-bag”
    • chap stick
    • body lotion– Fav. 
    • stool softener (yeah, not my first rodeo. You need to take this right after birth to prepare yo self. Trust.) 
    • granola bars
    • Pedialyte (to rehydrate during labor and after birth!)
    • Helichrysum (an essential oil to help with bleeding) 
    • Prenatal, Vitamin K (coagulant) , Iron Vitamins. 
    • Breast pads
    • Post Partum Belly Band  -(borrowing from my friend Ester! I’m so excited!) 
    • Underwear (Real Talk: I buy a pack and just plan to toss them after a few months)
    • Going home outfits (mama and baby) Still looking for the perfect gender neutral outfit or just may bring one of each outfit to choose between. 
  • Set up changing station upstairs
  • Clear out Downstairs closet and set up changing station
  • Make laundry soap.
  • Clean out jeep for good
  • Clean out van
  • Have the kids make birthday cards for Baby
  • Set up baby monitor and make sure it works
  • Switch over files
  • Make Daniel’s baby scrapbook??? Omg.
  • Make some kind of baby blanket for the love??
  • Make a giant batch of oatmeal mix 
  • Make lactation cookies and freeze
  • Get out box of boy/girl clothes. Wash both and have them ready.
  • Install the Carseat base (so pumped about how great the quality is on our new carseat. I love Peg Perego)
  • Make a list of who to text about birth/labor
  • Print birth plan (check out this awesome FREE resource!) 
  • Change battery in the baby thermometer
  • Pick out books and rent them from the library (big pressure here, these books need to be good ones) 
  • Stock freezer with pb and Js
  • Clean out room at the lake
  • Buy baby items

The list goes on and on. We’ve already started chipping away at some of it! It helps to look at how much we still have to do before baby instead of only counting down days. 

Anything I’m missing? Let me know! Third trimester friends, what are you hopping to get done before baby gets here?

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