What kind of food should I get my Beta Fish?

what should i feed my beta fish

I’ve shared that if I can’t go big, I just stay home. If I can’t do it all, often I don’t even try. So I have major things to write about. Burning a hole in my heart. Building up tears in my eyes. Causing my mind to chew on words and words and words. But, I just can’t right now. I can’t do it. It’s too big. So, instead of writing nothing, I’m going to write something, and maybe this will give me some kind of momentum. 

Today’s topic?

What kind of food should I get my Beta Fish?


Why is my Beta fish floating around unable to swim?


Ahh yes… an age old question and I’m here to put and end to the mystery. (If you just want the dang link without the drama and the story, here it is)

For everyone else, here is the back story: We can’t have big (read: real) pets right now. My love and nurturing tank is tapped at the end of the day and I really don’t have the emotional or physical energy to sign up for another hungry pooping creature unless there is hope that they will eventually take care of me when I’m old… That being said, I’m in the puppy stage of pregnancy. It’s an actual thing (that I completely made up) where your children reach a “great stage” of being manageable and helpful and your nurturing instincts are in HIGH GEAR. The problem is, you’re only half way done with your pregnancy and you still have months before you can snuggle your fresh baby!!! These emotions become so intense that they eventually drive you to a state of delirium. You have a genius (but truly psychotic) idea! You should buy a PUPPY!!! Oh just think of the fun a puppy would be! They would love you and be adorable and play fetch and hold you accountable to taking walks every day! The kids will grow up with them and they would be best friends forever! You’d be able to train them by the time the baby gets here and please, oh please, oh please Jordan can I just have a puppy!!!  Just this one time?!

He said no. 

I hate when he’s right. 

So, for now, Lila’s lucky fish, Ariel, is getting all of my pet nurturing. She’s a Beta and I think she’s like a year old now? She’s survived both of her boyfriends, Eric and Flounder. (I’ll save those traumatic stories for another day) Well, right in the thick of my puppy fever, Ariel started acting weird. She was floating up at the top unable to swim down. She was alive but just kinda bloated. (Been there.) We looked it up and it seems like she was just gassy and constipated, so we just didn’t feed her for a few days, and sure enough, she was fine again… until we fed her again and it happened again! This happened maybe three full times before we realized it. We had bought more fish food and switched kinds. I’m obviously a certified fish whisperer and fish veterinarian, because I knew just what to do. I went into the garbage to dig out the old fish food container to find the exact name and in that moment, I became a loyal customer of Aqueon for life. Ariel’s new-old-fish-food came in the mail (because we ordered it special, like crazy people) and now she is happily floating and swimming under the sea. We also moved her home to our bathroom so she gets more quality time with each of us. (someone get me some help)

Meanwhile, I went to visit my friend, Jessica’s puppy. I thought it would help. I was hoping she’d poop on me or be annoying, or chew my phone. But, no. It went more like this: 

Lucy the PUPPY!

She just cuddled and was adorable and had the audacity to smell like brand new innocent puppy!

Oh, help me. 

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