Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Baby Shower For Heika

So, I talk about my friend, Heika a lot now. Since I’ve been trying to be an adult lately, I’ve been trying to call her Melissa. It’s a hard transition. She’s going to have a new name soon: Mommy! 

Finding out your BFF is pregnant for the first time is crazy! It’s so exciting. I actually feel like WE are having a baby.

Like, can I catch your baby, and can I keep her, and can we arrange a marriage between her and my son, and can I be her Mother in law and can she basically just start calling me Mom now, and  you should probably move in with me, and can I throw you a baby shower?

Heik… I mean, Melissa….being rational and even keeled as she is… basically said, “Mostly no, but you and my sis can tag team the baby shower. 

Fair enough…we can start there and the rest is a solid maybe (probably)


So Katie and I connected and put this thing together. I can do artsy fartsy stuff and bake Macarons, and design invites and she can do executive adult things  like book a place, get the invites on actual paper to actual people, and make sure there is food.  The theme: Sugar and Spice and Everything nice. 

Here’s the invite! This is what we started with.

Katie here, she is the Yin to my Yang. 





We threw the shower at Epicure Bistro in Barrington. The spot was great and they were so accommodating. Melissa’s mom bought the flowers, Katie rented pink cloth napkins (who thinks of that kind of stuff?) and I made a paper cloud “rain shower” thing to decorate. 


DSC_0015 DSC_0038_2


For favors, I baked two types of french macaroons. One was a maple espresso, and the other was sugar and spice. I packaged them in these tiny Clear Macaron Boxes tied them with lace and ribbon and used some tags and stamps to make each one unique. 




Melissa is a vegetarian… (it’s a sheer miracle we get along so well) but she is also a huge foodie! Fancy, Shmancy, all that jazz. This menu was lovely for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. 


On the record, I ordered a SALAD. ok? Just like Laura here. We got salads because we’re healthy and lady like. 


(off the record, I got the Croque Madame and fries) Nom nom nom. 


Melissa got the Croque Madame minus the ham, which is fine… I guess…




There were activities…. 

Decorate your own onesies with custom stencils by the Posh Print Peddler (check her out)! So fun! 


We just got a bunch of themed One time Use stencils in a bundle! Perfect!


The station was set up with paint, stencils, stamps and sponges.


We also passed around a little journal for all of the guests to write an encouraging note to Melissa in and even some baby advice! 

Game time! Cloth diapering competition. Melissa and Dan are cloth diapering our baby (fine, “their” baby) and so we had a cloth diaper raffle for everyone who brought a cloth diaper from the registry! 

Grandmas…head to head.  Obviously seasoned veterans. 


Next up, Uncle Michael vs. Allison  (yes, Michael put the diaper on Kianna’s head) 


Finally, Mom Vs. Dad! 


Finally the presents. If you know Melissa, you know this was the hardest part, but Dan was so funny and did a great job of managing her introversion. 

We added a note on the invite to bring a book in place of a card and Katie bought a pretty basket to hold each book as they were unpacked. 



WHO MADE THAT AWESOME QUILT? me. I did. and I sewed my finger. So, you better love it 😉


“this shirt is daddy proof” it has arrows to point where the head and limbs are supposed to go, The back says “pat here to burp” I couldn’t stop laughing.


This was fun to watch, Melissa explained to Dan what everything was for.


Touching moment. From Dan’s grandma. Not a dry eye in the place.


 They got everything they could need. And everything was fuzzy thoughtful and just downright darling. 

Here’s the thing about babies though. They don’t really need anything from the registry. What they really need is love. So much love. Selfless, and nurturing, and forgiving, and tender love. 


Melissa is the most selfless, no-fuss-, easy going and loving friend I’ve known. She already has everything she needs to be the best mom ever. This was just the sugar and spice on top. 


Love you girl. Can’t. Even. Wait. ***sob***


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