Friday Faves! *Jan 8*

friday favorites lighter

Hey All! I hope your break was awesome! My family ended up sick for a week  (and counting, because now Jordan is down) and we were trapped in the land of TV and isolation. Luckily, the kids and I are back in action and finally starting our new year! 

Here are some friday faves for you all. 

1. I’m trying to learn how to put on make up and do my own hair like a girl. (don’t laugh, it’s really hard!!) So, I’ve been watching you tube videos and tutorials and I have stumbled across this channel that I LOVE. This girl is, like, 18, but she is so sweet and funny and her makeup, even though it’s too fancy for me, is so pretty! So, here you go, Tori Sterling. Subscribed, watched, loved. (The girl taught me some stuff about eyebrows that I was just so clueless about) Real Talk. I’m even leaving the video. But don’t look at my eyebrows when you see me because I’m still learning and I’ll feel you staring at them (yikes) 

2. Next. I’m digging this cup. I have been chugging water like a madwoman. Typically, I’m TERRIBLE at drinking water because coffee. However, lately I’ve been so thirsty and tried a cup like this from Lisa. Game changer for me. The straw just really makes me happy. Who knows why…

Favorite cup to drink more water in the new year

3. They see me rollin’. With this High Density Foam Roller. My back is shot. Mama’s you get me, right? Like, can I just get a full skeletal replacement after I’m done having babies? Anyway, I use this to stretch out my legs and also to roll out my back before bed. It feels amazing! I love it. 

4. Breville Juicer. We’re juicing. Maybe because we were sick and just needed the boost, but maybe because I’m digging carrot ginger juice. Either way, we have the thing back out on the counter and are conjuring up delicious and healthy concoctions! 
this is the best juicer. If you're wondering which one to buy this is it!

5. Sorry for two appliances in a week but OMG Lisa bought us this Rapid Egg Cooker to make hardboiled eggs and I’m so freaking into it. Lila likes them and I love chopping some up in my salad. The only thing is, I hate making them. There is a lot off fuss and they are annoying to peel. So this egg thing is so easy, they come out perfect every time and they peel like whoa. Seriously, I know this is a really odd gadget but I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was worth it. (ps. It all stores up in itself and is super compact. 
rapid egg cooker! perfect hard boiled eggs every time!
6. I’m actually asking for YOUR favorite here because I need some help. I have to take my tree down and I don’t really have anything good to put my ornaments. Please please please comment on this post or on Facebook and show me how you store yours! I just did a box up to this point but I’m worried about our basement being to wet and ruining them. Thanks girls! 

That’s all for this week! What about you? Are you a good water drinker? Do you think the bottle/cup matters? 



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