Friday Favorites! Week 2!

friday favorites lighter

Hey peeps! 

I’m about to jet out again to go hunting for the weekend! (WISH ME ALL THE LUCKS) But I couldn’t leave you without a quick Friday Favorites post. I have many other posts drafted, but none went out this week because life. So here it is: 

    1. The DivaCup. Just ordered a new one this week, and if you’ve been meaning to, just do it. I have much to say about theAll Natural Period…Period, it’s the way to go for me and I thing you should give it a shot! 

    1. We just watched Inside out and LOVED it. (of course I did)
    2. This little vacuum is the next best thing to having a dog around when the kids are eating. I’ve been loving it. 
    3. Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet. It’s just my deal. I use it constantly. Do you have any questions about recipes and care? Just let me know! 
    4. CamelBak Chute . This is my favorite water bottle. Emily is always forcing me to chug water and it’s way easier without the stupid sippy cup straw thingy. Start your new years resolution now! 
    5. This song is my JAM this week. Play it. Sing a long. You can’t help but dance. 


Have an awesome weekend guys. SO much is on my heart, I may just have to type it into my phone from a tree stand. 

Love and love and love some more. 


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