Our Daily Bread…



When life get’s to be a little to much to process, I tend to bake. Specifically, I tend to bake bread. See, there is no real recipe for bread. You just kinda take what you have and make adjustments until it feels right. Add a little water, add a little flour, add a little yeast, and don’t forget the salt. Do your best… and then leave it alone. There is a mandatory waiting period. You set your dough in a warm dark place and you leave to rise. You see, the yeast has to spread throughout the dough and transform it. This waiting period is where the ball of dough becomes equipped for the next part of it’s journey. Proofing. 

When the dough is proofed, it can only then be shaped into it’s final form and baked into food that can nourish and sustain others. 

“Give us this day our daily bread…”


Life can be that way sometimes. You can, spiritually speaking, find yourself living moment to moment and crumb to crumb. Hanging on a thread. 

We found ourselves in a valley. Dark. Quiet. A little too still. Waiting. It felt a lot like the first rise. Suspense. You don’t know what you’re dealing with until you can lift the cover and peak inside. You just have to wait.  dailybreadandbutter

Jordan, my love, is going to be ok, but he almost wasn’t. That’s as far as I can go before I catch a sob in my throat. Oh God, thank you for sparing him. Help to use that pit we were in to continually transform us. Knead us, let us rise, fold us down, and begin it all again, until we’ve taken the form we were made for shaped only by the Baker’s hands. 

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