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Hey there! So many of you ask about products I love and things I use, and I love when you do that! I decided to start posting some favorites each week on FriYays! Let’s just end the week with some happy thoughts and things we love, right? So, here is Friday Favorites, week 1

1. This is the Ok to Wake! Owl. We call him Ollie. Lila is an early riser (I wonder where she gets that). Now that its dark at night and light early, she has a hard time gauging when it’s ok to wake. Ollie has a clock that you set and an Ok to wake time that you can set and change with ease. If Lila pushes his belly and it’s too early he’ll glow yellow and say, “it’s not time to wake up yet” or, “just a few more minutes” if it’s closer. When it’s late enough, she’ll push his belly and then he’ll turn green and say, “it’s Ok to wake now!”  You can set a nap timer too. It’s been really great.


2. My espresso machine. It’s no secret that I love coffee. I don’t want to get all sappy about it, but it can really turn a bad day around. Like a 1:00 latte while the kids nap. I’ve found that, for the most part, having a relaxing quiet hour or two in the afternoon serves me better than falling asleep when the kids do. A way to make that happen, especially on these cold fall afternoons is by making a latte at home and moseying around. By the time the kids wake up, I’m ready for another round. I’ve had this machine for years and love it. It makes great foam and pulls lovely consistent espresso shots. 

3. The Undisclosed Podcast. It is a podcast about the same case that is talked about in Serial. You should listen to it while you fold laundry, it’s awesome. 

4. Shepherding a Child’s Heart. This book has been so helpful to me as a mom. It’s definitely through a biblical and christian perspective, but it has encouraging and practical methods to help raise a child up in the way they should go. 

5. My crock pot. I’m trying to embrace it guys. It’s not easy for me, but it really takes the pressure off of me around 5 o’clock. I’m trying to stop being such a martyr about cooking and cleaning. I’ve even been using a dishwasher. Set it and forget it and go read 50 kids books out loud. It’s my new motto. 

6. MuckBoots. Friends. I was out hunting last weekend. I lived in mucks.  I love these boots. They are warm and keep my feet dry and I think they look pretty great. So, get some. Winter is a’comin’. Ps. I’ll wear these in public and you just let me have this one thing and don’t bother me about it, ok?

Instagram @DearDarlaJean

Instagram @DearDarlaJean

7. Explode the code. This is the book Lila is in for homeschool. She is loving this program and it really helps me learn how to teach reading and writing.

8. Adult Coloring Books. It is so relaxing to color. It really helps my fight my urge to multitask while homeschooling. Get your hands on one.


9. The Last Of the Really Great Whangdoodles. Look, I know that that makes 30% of my favorite things things this week books, but what can I say, we are readers. This book was a favorite of mine in elementary school. I actually made a mental note,  when I was in third grade, to read it again as an adult so that I will never forget the power of imagination. I read it again in college and we are just a few pages away from finishing it again. I know we read so many books to our kids, but I love reading a long story with them! .It keeps them engaged in a specific story, it opens up a lot of conversations throughout the day and it really becomes a shared journey together in a way that is different than when we read Hop on Pop.Bonus: It’s written by Julie Andrews! Her voice is basically engraved in my head so it’s fun to imagine her telling the story. I hope I’m teaching them to become readers and to learn to love having one foot in reality and one in a completly different world. This book is so engaging for children and adults! I can’t recommend it enough. Also, they should make a movie about it. It would be awesome. 
10. Justin Bieber. Say what you want. Justice Beaver, the crime fighting beaver is back. 


That’s all for this week! See you next week for Friday Favorites! Meanwhile, I’d love to hear about some of yours! 


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