A Party for our Minnie Mouse!

A minnie Mouse Birthday Party for Lila’s Fourth birthday! 


Our sweet Lilliana Mae turned Four! She is the sweetest. The emotions are all really high around the kids’ birthdays over here. I’m a reflector, and a cryer. I’m a reflecryer. I’ve come to just accept that about myself, I hope you have too. Like don’t come to my blog unless you want some sappy sap sap… or food. But I can get surpisingly emotional about bread too…

I digress. Where was I? Oh, right, birthdays. They really get me going and normally my response has been to throw a wedding size birthday party for the pillow sized child to give me an outlet for my mountain sized feelings. I’ve done this four times between the kids, and this year, I put an end to the madness and just did a small party for my girl so I could enjoy her, and bake with her, and have a fun little memory with her and her very immediate family. The results, she didn’t even care that there weren’t 80 people there, she was just fine with the 8.  minniecake



Just because it wasn’t big, doesn’t mean she didn’t want the full party effect. She wanted a Minnie Mouse Birthday complete with a Minnie cake and plenty of french macarons. Oh, and for her birthday dinner, she wanted a Minnie Mouse Chicken Pot Pie (I bet you didn’t even know that was a thing, I didn’t either).  The girl knows what she wants, and I am happy to spoil her for her birthday. (I’ll give you one guess of what she wants to be for halloween.)


I found that since I wasn’t entertaining a large group, I was able to scale it down and enjoy baking and preparing and decorating much more. Jordan and I set up presents and decorations so that she could be surprised when she woke up the day of her birthday, and then we had her party at the Lake House the following Saturday. 


The moral of the story: Less is more, so much more. I have to learn that lesson over and over again, but I’m so glad I kept it simple and was able to give her a meaningful and fun birthday without the fuss. 



I’d like to end this post with some of things about Lila when she was 3. 


When you were 3:

We lived in Kenosha and went on long stroller rides down the shore of Lake Michigan. 

You learned how to start reading and writing your ABCs. 

You became a BIG sister. I mean, super big. Like you’re an excellent big sister, dude. 


You started ballet and tap and fell in love. 


You learned how to get dressed all by yourself and became responsible for your own things. 

You learned how to bake bread, make pizza and became a pro at cracking eggs.  Pretzelila

You got your first haircut! 

You went to Disney and met so many of your favorite characters and got to go to Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique! 


You learned how to buckle yourself into your carseat, “Left side, right side, buckle on the chest, left side right side, safety is the best!”

You learned how to ride a bike. 

You learned how to LOVE swimming and even “diving” underwater!

You grew just a little bit more into the young lady God is shaping you to be and we were lucky enough to be a part of it. 


Love you Lila Girl, you are my big, strong, and brave Minnie Mouse. 

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