Jalepeño Cilantro Butter

Jalepeño Cilantro Herbed Butter


You want to know what I’m into this summer? Herbed butter.

Yeah, like, a lot. 

It’s a great way to store herbs for winter and still get that fresh taste, and it’s a great way to get complex and rich flavors in your dishes without a ton of prep work. 


Want to know what else I like? Homemade butter. I work at a coffee shop and sometimes, they end up with expiring heavy cream and they know who to call! I whip it up until I get a shelf full of butter and buttermilk in my freezer. 


I’ve made plenty of combos. You can do thyme, rosemary, garlic, and oregano, you can simply do single herbs and mix and match depending on the dish. Or, in a stroke of genius, you can come up with this weeks recipe: Jalepeño Cilantro Butter.


Oh yes I did. 

You take softened butter, garlic, jalepenos, chives and cilantro in a mini food processor (or by hand) and combine them with some salt and pepper. That is it. Don’t have a 3.5-Cup Food Chopper?  You should treat yourself. It’s awesome for prep work without filling your sink with bulky dishes. Anyway… I freeze a log of it by rolling it up in plastic wrap and then I put the rest in my fridge. I spread it on bread and add avocado and tomato for the perfect summer lunch, melt it over a steak, or melt it into an amazing  bowl of roasted veggies and quinoa. People. It takes regular things and raises them to a whole new level of flavor. Promise me you’ll try it! 



  1. Daniel Mosias says:

    This is a really good recipe!! Where did you get it? I’d love to give it a shot because I enjoy sampling different food varieties.

  2. Kassy says:

    Is the recipe on here and I’m just not seeing it? I’m going to try this with the overnight bread, but don’t see the amounts listed?

    • Darla says:

      Hey! I just kind of make it to taste. So this recipe will take 1 stick of butter and add 2 cloves garlic, 3 pickled jalapeños (more or less is up to you!) 1/4 cup cilantro and 3 tbs chopped chives.
      Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!!
      I hope you like it!

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