This summer has been full of much.


Much joy. Much life. Much change. Much Chaos. Much fear. Much adventure. Much commotion.

I have been journalling and documenting as much as I can that way, but otherwise, it feels like it is sliding through my fingertips like dry sand. 

We’ve been kayaking for hours on a river in Michigan, camping out in Door County and running miles and miles in this town of ours. The monsoon rains have kept our garden yield down and our hunger for sunshine up. The crow sized mosquitos have kept us weary of our backyard and the jam packed schedule and this mommy’s desperate need for the kids daily nap time has kept us from the beach.


There have been babies born left and right. Some sick, some well. Some have recovered, some are still fighting. 

My heart has been heavy and tired. I am learning something. I’m learning it right now. I feel like I’ve learned it before and I’m being reminded once more. Today is it. The food scattered on my floor from my kids, dropped between giggles at lunch. The laundry in the corner that keeps piling higher from my healthy, active, and consequently messy family. The toys strewn about from their imagination and play. The crayon marks on the desk from our girl learning to write. Hearing “Mama! Mama!” at six in the morning because he just missed his mommy all night. Splitting a croissant three ways because we were one and we can never be two. What’s mine is their’s because they are mine and we are His. That is it. That is what it’s about. 


We live in a world that I’ll never fully understand.  A world of vast beauty and permeating light. A world where there is unthinkable darkness and pain. They exist together and we’re left to sort it out. Today, I’ve been been shown much mercy and graced with vast beauty and I’ll bask in it as fully as possible as long as I’m granted it. 


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