Mamas After Hours! My new Podcast!


Mamas After Hours

We’re totally inviting you into it. To our worlds, to our lives, to our chaos, to our hearts. We’re laughing, sighing, and then laughing some more. So, lace up your running shoes, plug your phone in during your commute, plop it in your pocket while you fold that dang laundry and hang out with us as we connect after another long day of being wives, mothers and housekeepers. 

I teamed up with my (way too awesome) cousin Angela from She was my doula for Daniel’s birth, and we did the Fool Proof French Baguettes together and just had to collaborate more. We have so much fun and just “get” each other. You’re going to love this. We’ll be catching up each week and we can’t wait for you to join us! 

Here’s Episode 1: That’s a lot of Hooves

This week, we’re talking about birthdays, the tower of terror, labor pains and, on a totally related note…. goat hooves. 

What about you? What is your favorite ride at Disney? What do you do for your own birthday each year? What else do you want to hear us talk about?

Listen in and write a review to let us know what you think! You may just get a shout out on the next episode! 




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