February Bread Baking Challenge!!! (and Giveaway!)


Your voices have been heard! You wish you would start making your own bread more. Why is it so intimidating? Is it the yeast? The kneading? The rising? It can feel overwhelming. 

We all know the benefits of baking your own bread. It’s cost effective, and it is healthier. Bread needs around three ingredients. Water, flour and yeast, so why is the ingredients list on store bought bread so long? Baking your own bread allows you to regain control of what goes into your food. It allows you to customize your bread for your preferences and dietary needs. It is also far more delicious. Just wait, you’ll see for yourself. The smell alone is enough to convert you into a bread baker.

About this time last year, I resolved to try to bake all of my bread at home for one month. Just to see if I could do it. It felt impossible and overwhelming, but I just tried a loaf or two a week and then just didn’t eat bread unless I had some made. I’ve since committed to baking bread as a lifestyle and health choice for my family. It’s cheaper, more nutritious and makes me feel empowered. I’ve learned a lot about bread baking along the way, and I feel ready to show you! 

We’ll be showcasing one bread per week. I’ll post a recipe and video tutorial and even share how to use up leftover bread (waste not-want not!). All you have to do is follow along. Make the featured bread for the week and show me how it turns out! Tag me on instagram @DearDarlaJean and use the hashtag #DearDarlaBakingChallenge . At the end of the challenge I’ll put all of your entries into a drawing, select a lucky winner and send out a super cute and fun prize package! 

Go ahead and add yeast and flour to your grocery lists this week or just order your Active Dry Yeast in bulk and your Flour here and have it delivered! (It’s cold out there) 

I can’t wait to see what you all make!

Feel free to write into DearDarla with any questions as you go!  Be sure to subscribe on the sidebar to stay tuned each week and share this with your friends to have them take the challenge with you! This month is going to be delicious. 

Happy February Loves!… or should I say Loaves? 


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