A hunt With my Dad


You only need to have known me for about five minutes before I talk about my Dad. What can I say? He’s just a really cool guy. Not everyone would necessarily get his humor, and even fewer people would catch the million ways he subtly puts others before himself, but I do, and that what makes him one of my all time favorite people. 

My Dad, and my son who is lucky enough to share his name.

My Dad, and my son who is lucky enough to share his name.

For example. Once, my brother and him were at Olive Garden (for the one millionth time…the dude can’t turn down unlimited salad) and their waiter was just this bro-ish bro who thought he was building major rapport with his future heavy tippers but never brought them water. He just kept saying things like, “Thank you guys for being so cool, if you ever have a hot date to take out, bring them here, I’ll hook you up” (obviously to my brother, not my Dad), but never brought them anything to drink. Any other human would say, “Thanks man, but hey, can you bring us those waters when you get a chance?” Or even be angry about their increasing thirst. I mean, have you been to Olive Garden? The salt content is through the roof to me, and I’m a salt person. Their tongues were probably on fire. But my Dad? He was giddy. He thought, “Hmm, I wonder how long we can make this thing go?” He wanted to see how long his new bro would go before realizing that he left them to die of dehydration and a salt overdose. He was hoping he would never see. He suffered through an entire meal, just for the pleasure of this moment. The waiter brought their checks, thanked his bros for being so cool again and walked away. My dad didn’t call the manager, he didn’t chew him out, he even bro-ed back and forth with this guy in a sincere and nice way. He tipped generously, and wrote on the check, “We’re thirsty.” and left. Daydreaming of that guy slapping his palm to his forehead when he realized what happened and completely quenched and satisfied with the thought and daydream of that moment.  WHO DOES THAT? My Dad. That’s who.


Anyway, you know we hunt deer.  I told you about my first buck that I got with a muzzleloader.  I told you I was going hunting again, but I never told you what happened! Mostly because my footage of the hunt was great until my actual shot. (So, You’re welcome animal lovers, you will not see the deer go down. And I’m sorry hunting lovers, you will not see my deer go down) I’m still new to this whole thing and it all happened at last light, so forgive me. I have to share this story with you though!  We had a great time and I only had one day all season and my only wishes were to sit with my Dad, and to get my first bow kill. I got that and more… check out the video:


So, thank you Dad. For being so…you. And for teaching me to be me. Thank you for taking me to the woods to watch the world wake up and gain perspective. Thank you for all of the work you did all year long, just to meet me in the blind that one day. You’re the best and I can’t wait for next year when I get a monster at 20 yards with my bow. 

Who are we. 



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