The Dear Darla Family Vlog Episode 2!



Has it already been a month? Has it only been a month? Time is flying by, but we’re packing a lot of life in. Watch this month’s Family Vlog to hear about Danny’s first words and Lila’s newest activity!


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Thanks for tuning in!



  1. Tori says:

    Hi Darla, Jordan, Lila & Danny,
    You are honestly the cutest family!!!! I love the fact that you guys did a vlog, it’s an awesome way to capture a lot of memories in a short amount of time! I now want to try to convince my boys to do mini monthly videos like that for memories for the future…probably won’t work

    • DearDarla says:

      Thank you Tori! You should sneak videos wether they like it or not 🙂 I’m hoping the kids cherish these in the future! I love watching home videos back from when me and my siblings were younger.

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