10 things I learned about life from Parenthood

 Now that Parenthood has ended and I’ve cried all the cries, I thought it may give me some closure to look back on a few of the things I’ve learned from watching this show. The list could go on and on, but I narrowed it down to 10. 

  1. Always fight for love. Have the tough conversations. Keep showing up. Go the distance. This one happened time and time again. Not just with Joel and Julia, but with every marriage in the show.                                                                                                               Parenthood-S05E13
  2. When in doubt, blurt it out. Some things are just hard to say. So, you may as well just blurt out your feelings. Even if it means you’re talking over someone else who is blurting out their feelings. In the end, I would argue it’s healthier than keeping it all bottled in.  Parenthood - Season 5
  3. Mama knows best. When you’ve found yourself in a bind and you don’t know what to do, you need your mom. She’ll set you straight and remind you of the bigger picture.  images 130108_TVC_ParenthoodJan8-2.jpg.CROP.multipart2-medium
  4. If you have a dream, you have to fight for it.  Do you want to be senator? Start a charter school? Open a recording studio? Give it all you have and then some.  Parenthood - Season 4  
  5. Life will have curveballs, you will most likely hear about them via middle-of-the-night-phone-call, but you have to roll with the punches.  There is no way to guess what is coming through the doors into your life. You can’t really know, but if you are present, open minded, and surround yourself with those who love you, you can make it through just about anything.  parenthood joel-julia-parenthood-season-6-spoilers
  6. Family is everything. They drive you crazy and they know all the right buttons to push. But, they love you, and they would do anything for you. Even when you forsake them, they will still take you back with open arms. parenthood_59396
  7. If you get knocked down, you get back up. You are capable of more than you think. It’s okay to hit the bottom, but use it to push yourself back up. parenthoodS4e12
  8. Make sure you’re kissing the right person. This is simple. Don’t kiss someone you aren’t supposed to kiss. If you’re in the clear, kiss away. It’s good for you.                                             parenthood parenthood_510
  9. There is a song for that. When there aren’t words, you can bet there is a song. You should sing it.  parenthood-amber Parenthood
  10. Gather.   Life is too short. Spend it with the ones you love. Share the big moments, and equally importantly, share the small moments. That’s what Parenthood was all about. Walking through life with your family, come what may.  archive parenthood 050609  So, Thank you Parenthood. For making me cry every week, for challenging me to be more open and present in my own life, and for sharing a beautiful, brave, and relatable story with us.  

May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong, may you stay forever young…

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