My project with the Posh Print Peddler

So, I did a new project this week and I took all the help I could get. Watch the video to see my HORRIBLE crafting skills and how the PPP came to save the day! 


I used a basic Pizza Peel and some acrylic craft paint. It took about 5 minutes from start to finish and gave my tiny apartment kitchen a big makeover! 

I am a nester. I like to set up all my stuff and have a home base. We rent an apartment. It’s not big, it’s not fancy, but it’s home. It’s home because our christmas tree is twinkling in the corner. It’s home because our little darlings are asleep in their beds down the hall. It’s home because there is always some kind of bread rising and a batch of ice cream in the freezer. It’s home because our quilts are here. Because my books are here. Because my cast iron skillets are balanced behind the stove. Because my oven peel hangs with herbs we grew and harvested this summer… It is not our forever home. It may not even be our home for another year, but today, it is and I take comfort in treating it that way. 

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Do a little project to take one more step towards calling the roof over your head, home. 


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