The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Beautiful Butterfly DIY sibling costumes


The cutest homemade sibling costumes for your little bookworms!

I know. I’m annoying. I’m that mom. I made halloween costumes. To be honest, I don’t really do halloween. It’s not my thing (don’t get me started), but, my cousin invited the kids and me to a costume party in her barn. It was too cool to pass up! I know Lila always wants to be a princess but I wanted us to have matchy matchy costumes so I went a different route. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the Beautiful Butterfly. 


It’s a book. Do you know it? As my sewing machine was humming late into the night, I started wondering if anyone even knows that book. It’s by Eric Carle. He writes and illustrates these simple and charming kids books. All of his illustrations are  collages he makes out of hand painted tissue paper. (So, if anyone is annoyingly-over-the-top it’s him, ok?)


Anyway, I had a bunch of scraps from Jordan’s grandma, Sharon, so I decided to see what I could come up with. I used my trusty rotary cutter and healing mat as usual and it made all the difference. 


The caterpillar was pretty simple. Just a few panels of different shades of green. I did a drawstring at the bottom and then two drawstrings at the top and tied them together at each shoulder. I sewed eyes and antenae on a red hat, put him in a green onesie, and boom, The Very Hungry (and I mean very, the boy eats constantly) Hungry Caterpillar. 





Next, was the beautiful Butterfly. This is what I was working towards. I started this project on Friday and The party was Saturday, So, I did my interpretation of Eric Carle’s work, with the time and fabric I had. 



I found a big piece of green fabric that was long enough for her wingspan and then found different colors for the designs. I folded them in half, freehanded some shapes with chalk and cut them out with the rotary cutter. I laid them all out and kept arranging and rearranging until I liked it. Then I had to figure out how to get these shapes on there. I don’t have a serger (wish list!), so i just pinned it all down and sewed it on with a wide zig-zag stitch. That is the official term. I’m a heavy pinner, and I’m not just talking about interest (but that, too), I mean I pinned  this thing like every inch. I had never done something like this before so I was extra careful. I even dragged the whole project into the kids bathroom to pin while they bathed so I could do it all without worrying about lila stepping on the pins. I was in a real time crunch, remember? 



I sewed this thing an inch at a time. Change a princess dress, sew a shape. Nurse the baby, sew some more. Read a book to the kids, sew for another minute. I had to piece mail the whole thing. My parents even came over to visit, and I ran over to the sewing machine to get the giant outline finished. I got the kids to bed and then I really went to work. I finished securing all of the shapes, pinned it to a big green backing piece, sewed it down and then cut the whole thing out. Then, I went back over it the way you would a quilt. I just did a few lines to look similar to leaves when she opened them up on the inside.


The next morning, I took a green leaf fairy princess dress that Sharon bought lila for her birthday and sewed the wings onto the back. Confession, I sewed them on upside down from what I was picturing, but I ended up liking it that way, so I just left it. I took two hair ties and safety pinned them to the wing tips so she could just slip her little wrists right in. 


I tried to make her a little red hat to match Daniel’s, but every time I put it on her, she would say, “I don’t like this”. So I just had to accept it. Instead, I made her a little headband to put the felt eyes on and tied her hair up in two buns with red rubber bands to resemble the antennae. She LOVED this idea. 


It was about 10:00 the morning of the party and I finally had the kids costumes done. I had to leave by 12:15 and I still didn’t have a costume. Now, I was one of two moms who dressed up, but I thought we had to….so thank you to Victoria who also dressed up. Because you made me feel a lot better. 

As an aside, she made costumes for her family based off of the show Shaun the Sheep, I didn’t know what it was, (I’m pretty out of touch) but I googled it and she totally nailed it. Adorable. 


Back to it, I had nothing to wear, so I took the rest of the scraps and made a long panel, lined it with the bottom of a curtain I had hemmed and quilted leaf lines over it. Then, I cut out a felt leaf, sewed lines on it and pinned it to a crown I made of twigs from a christmas decoration used for lila’s party.  Boom. I’m a leaf. 


It worked, so we were out the door. 

Lila was so excited. I was just tickled to see her feeling so beautiful and I thought Daniel looked so adorable.

IMG_0243 IMG_0242 IMG_0249

The party was so adorable. They decorated loft in the barn with streamers and snacks and even rustic and homey furniture and hay bales. It was straight out of a magazine. She has a way of turning everything she touches to couture, yet making you feel right at home. She has a gift and her kids are so adorable. She’s over at You should go read her stuff. 


Honestly, I worked really hard on these things. They aren’t perfect, but I feel really good about them.  I tackled something far outside of my crafting comfort zone. I pricked my finger countless times on all those pins. I sliced my palm using the rotary cutter the wrong way and I thought each detail out. It was really fun to tackle that project and see Lilas’ big smile when figured out what we were making. 

So that was it, for now. I put so much effort into these dang things, that I think I’m going to make a quilt out of them to hang onto it as a keep sake. So I can tell my kids about the one time I tried really hard..for them. Just because I love them so much. 

You do it too, right? Those over the top things for your kids just because you love them? You do crafts with them even though you secretly (or openly) hate glitter? You let them strip the beds to make a fort in the corner and pretend your a big monster coming to tear it all down? Don’t you? Don’t you let them come “Help” you bake, or paint the porch or really anything even though it takes ten times longer than if you just did it yourself. We put ourselves out there for our kids. Because we love them enough to be vulnerable. To be fools and prick our fingers just for them. 

What is the “Over the top” thing you do/did for your kids? 

Can’t wait to hear!

-Love, Darla

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