Lila’s Frozen Party


Our beautiful, quirky, way-too-smart, kind, loving, silly, caring, generous, and darling daughter turned 3! It was almost more than I could bare. I mean, what happened? This is an outrage. I wish I could sue someone. How is she three? This girl completely rocked our world three years ago and has been worth it all. (This is how Lilliana came into our lives, and this is how she entered our world) We wouldn’t change a thing. She is growing into herself more and more each day. She makes the funniest facial expressions and can get all of us cracking up with her dorky voices and odd impressions. This last year, she learned how to carry her step stool wherever she wants to get to things. She learned to excuse herself from the table, scrape her dish into the garbage and place it in the sink. She can brush her teeth by herself, she can get dressed (for the most part) by herself. She started homeschooling over the summer and is doing great. She started soccer. She went waterskiing for the first time (with a little help from Uncle). She can actually help in the kitchen. She loves to eat. Like, I wonder if she has a tapeworm or something because she is a bottomless pit. Her favorite foods are “Tommus” (hummus) with cucumber, oatmeal with fruit and honey, eggs, black bean soft tacos, hippie fried rice, Mama’s bread and homemade pizza. She loves to bake bread with me and always says that we’re making it for Daddy. She calls Jordan her “Best friend ever”. She became a big sister this year and she is amazing. She comes to our room every morning to cuddle him, roll him around, and make him smile. She lets him just hold her by the ears and suck on her face without even resisting, which makes him very happy. She asks for me to lay him down on the floor so she can play with him. She is selfless, gentle (mostly) and so dang loving to “Baby Bruver”. We also moved in the last year, so she has her own special room with her new bed, a fish named Ariel,  and her own bathroom. She is a sweetheart and we can’t get enough of her. So, we wanted to throw her a super-fun, Frozen birthday party. 

I’m not one to totally sell out to the Disney princess thing, but homegirl is so into it. The songs are catchy and the plot has substance, so I guess it could be worse! We love this girl so much, we would go to any great length to get her to smile. The first thing we wanted for her was a bouncy house. Then a princess bouncy house, then a giant Frozen bouncy house with a slide. Jordan made the call to reserve it and it was already taken! By Dale, Jordan’s Dad. They are so great. They let us throw this big party at their house and even beat us to the punch of getting the best bouncy house! 

DSC_0021 DSC_0024

Lisa made this light up name sign for Lilliana because she's awesome and ambitious.

Lisa made this light up name sign for Lilliana because she’s awesome and ambitious.

Speaking of how Lisa is Awesome, she bought us Frozen shirts and we rocked them all day. That is commitment.

Speaking of how Lisa is Awesome, she bought us Frozen shirts and we rocked them all day. That is commitment. 

We ended up inviting a lot of people. We just wanted everyone there to make Lila’s day special and everyone pulled through. I can’t even say thank you enough. Nothing feels as wonderful as watching those you love love your kids. It brings me so much joy. So thank you. 

It was supposed to start at three and all week, the weather forecast was threatening to rain all over our party. I have to be honest, we were a little stressed. Party day came, and it was a downpour, until three. Then, it all cleared up, we quickly set up and we didn’t see a storm cloud the rest of the day! It was a gift. 

We wanted to keep food simple as best as we could so that we could set it out and enjoy the party. I totally did, but my mom and Lisa were busy bees the whole time without me even knowing. So, thank you guys so much for everything you did. 

We put out sandwiches from costco, my parents  brought salad and watermelon, we had some snacks, and some beet lemonade. Maggie and Nick labeled all of the food dorky names from the movie that you would really only understand if you saw it or heard the soundtrack one million times.



We cut these 2 inch Styrofoam Balls in half and made a slit in the top to llike like little snowballs held the labels in place.  

"8 thousand salad plates" from Love is An Open Door

“8 thousand salad plates” from Love is An Open Door

ricotta dip was called "snow on toast"

ricotta dip was called “snow on toast”

"we finish each other's sandwiches"

“we finish each other’s sandwiches”

Beet lemonade was called "Anna's Arendale Ale"

Beet lemonade was called “Anna’s Arendale Ale”

 Everyone just ate and socialized. The kids mostly just played in the bouncy house and came out just to refuel for more bouncing! We kept seeing Lila crawl out, grab a cracker and go right back in. She was in heaven. They were all playing so much, I didn’t ever get a picture of all of them, or really anyone! I wish I could have gotten a picture of her with everyone there! I’m bummed about it, but I was able to at least snag a few. 


Cute baby cousins! Harper is only a couple of weeks older than Daniel but can crawl like an 8 month old! They are adorable together.

Cute baby cousins! Harper is only a couple of weeks older than Daniel but can crawl like an 8 month old! They are adorable together.

DSC_0200 3friends




Next was cake time!  I have a thing for lavender and Lila loves it too. I use lavender oil on her every night at bedtime and we love lavender lemon shortbread cookies and anything with lavender scents or flavors. A few years back, our friends Tiff and Andy got married and Jordan and I loved their wedding cake so much, I asked for the recipe. It is amazing. It calls for lavender extract, which is hard to find at stores. You can order it here, or you could make your own. I started mine about a month earlier, so I had a lot to work with. I can easily share the recipe for homemade lavender extract with anyone who wants it, just let me know. 

I made a Lavender Yellow Cake with a Lavender Honey Buttercream Frosting.  It was a six level, three tier cake and I put a little Frozen Elsa’s Tiara
on the top. 




I used blue dye to color the buttercream a light, icy blue and I left the cakes non colored, they just had speckles of Culinary Lavender buds in them. As if that wasn’t enough sugar and butter, I decided to make homemade french macarons. I’m no authority on french things. I had only had my first macaron at the farmers market from the french nuns a few weeks before I decided to tackle them on my own. They are a very finicky cookie, and mine weren’t perfect, but Lila didn’t notice the flaws, so I call it a win! 




 I had to make about 100 cookies. The purple were lavender with a lavender honey buttercream like the cake. The light blue had an almond buttercream. The dark blue were vanilla and the white were toasted coconut. I loved them all, and so did Lilliana. 


Macaron Face!


These two apparently shared a piece of cake!

These two apparently shared a piece of cake!

My Dad’s birthday is September 21st. So, I made him a little “honorable mention” cake for his birthday! He turned 3×20+1. So the candle still kind of worked. Lila is my Dad’s little buddy and his shadow whenever he is around. It only seemed fitting to sing to him as well. Bonus, my dad doesn’t really like that kind of embarrassing attention. 



Next Lila opened presents. Wow. SO many amazing and thoughtful gifts. Jordan made a pretty good point, we’re never going to get her to wear regular clothes again! The princess dresses and dress up clothes are so fun for her. There were books and games and so many fun toys that just show how well Lila’s friends know her. Lila was so excited when she opened each present and then went to each person to give them a hug and say thank you. She is such a sweet girl. 

DSC_0176 DSC_0168 DSC_0180 DSC_0188

The sun set and the night came to a close, we spent the last moments chatting, saying goodbyes, and watching Lila dance around in a her new dresses. 

Daniel and the baby whisperer, Kelsey, got some quality time while lila opened presents!

Daniel and the baby whisperer, Kelsey, got some quality time while lila opened presents!


Lila and her adorable cousin Ivy. Lila thought Ivy was her life size baby doll. So cute.

Lila and her adorable cousin Ivy. Lila thought Ivy was her life size baby doll. So cute.

Right before bedtime, we snapped a shot of a very tired wrestle princess and her very amazing nana and papa. Thank you both so much. Nobody knows the crazy weeks you both had leading up to this party, or how much behind the scenes work you guys had to do to prepare. You opened your gorgeous home and yard to us and let us throw the perfect princess birthday party for our very special girl. Lila loves you guys both so much. 

Nana and Papa with the birthday girl!

Nana and Papa with the birthday girl!

All in all, it was such a special day. Lila was just giddy and felt so much love. Thank you to everyone who came, brought food to share, gave Lila your time and attention, and took the day to celebrate the contagiously joyful force that is our, now 3-year-old, Lilliana Mae. To 100 more princess birthdays sweet baby girl…


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