Make your own “Fauxby” Moby Wrap Baby Carrier



Can I just start by thanking all of you? Those of you who liked and shared my post about Lilliana, those of you who messaged me and told me your own stories, regrets, and trials? Those of you who have written in just to encourage me? Really, you don’t know how much it means to even have anyone read what I have to say, the comments and messages just warm my heart. So, thank you. You guys are great. 

I have had a few requests to share my “Fauxby” Moby wrap. It is a DIY version of the Moby Wrap. They are great. It you have the money, just go buy one, but you’ve asked me to tell you how I made mine so I’m finally going to share it with you! It is so easy and it works wonders. I just looked up a few versions on the internet and made one myself. I wore Lilliana right off the bat when she was born. Contact and comfort is so important to a newborn and babies just love the familiar and soothing sounds of Mama’s breathing, voice and heart. I made my own wrap for when Daniel was born.


It was so therepudic for me to make it when I was pregnant with him. I picked a fabric I loved, laid it out, and slowly cut it. I thought about the baby inside of me and how, soon, I could wrap him up and smell his little baby head and hold him close. 



I love this wrap because I could use it right away and it is very portable and comfortable. I put it on at home, then when I get to the store or wherever I’m going, I just have to slide the baby in and we’re good!  My Baby K’tan was too big for my teeny tiny five pounder and the Ergobaby was just a little overkill for my little Joey Kangaroo. This wrap can get super snug and you can just tuck your fresh squishy baby right in there and get those snuggles in while you do non-snuggley things like cook dinner, and braid your princess’ hair. Everyone wins. 


All you need to do is go to the fabric store (with coupons! come on!) and buy 6 yards of a stretchy, jersey-ish,  cotton fabric. It should feel like a maxi dress fabric. I went with this super light weight one that is pretty meshy so that it could be breathable in the summer. So glad I did it. I’m thinking about making another, more dense one for fall. (pictured below) 



Anyway, get this. One piece of fabric makes three wraps. Make a couple for yourself (always have one in the car, you never know when you’ll need it), and give one away as a shower gift. See? You’re such a good friend. It’s no wonder everyone loves you.

These three things make your crafting life so much easier!

I used a couple of tools that are an absolute must if you plan to craft with fabric. We’re making t-shirt quilts this fall, so you may as well just buy these now, you’ll use them. Jordan’s grandma, Sharon, got me mine a while back and I use them all the time. 

To cut fabric with nice, clean and even edges, I use a rotary cutter. This way, there are no stringy edgy pieces to prove that I seriously can’t cut a straight line. I use a healing cutting mat to line stuff up and to save my work surfaces. Finally, I use a clear acrylic ruler to line everything up and guide my rotary cutter. Truly, these things keep my projects from looking like Lila did them. Most of the time. 



Now, it gets pretty simple. Lay out your fabric and fold it hot dog style.  The salvage edges should be together and it should be super long. Smooth it out as much as you can and don’t stretch it. Now, there is a folded side and salvage side. measure 9 inces up from the folded edge so that when you cut it, it will be 18 inches wide and leave you with two full pieces to make wraps with. I used masking tape to make the line, but it really wasn’t necessary. Use your cutting mat underneath and your acrylic ruler on top  and slowly cut a straight line. 


Now, leave the other fabric for future wraps and leave your wrap folded. Take the short ends and fold them together as well so you can taper it off at the end. This just makes it easier to manage when you tie it. This part is all personal preference. When and how much you taper it. I marked off my ends at 2 inches and then over the course of four feet, I tapered it out to the full width. Open it all up and that’s it!  when it’s open, the wrap tapers from 4 inches to the full 18-20 inches. It’s great. 


It is super easy and really affordable. 

I decided that it would be easiest to just post a video to show you how to use your wrap, so I took a stab at it. Be nice! 



If you have any questions you can feel free to contact me on this post or on facebook. I have always gone to and went to their baby wearing discussion page. They are so helpful and usually quick to respond. You can even post a picture of you wearing your baby and they can help you make adjustments to help you get comfortable. 

EDITED TO ADD: I actually posted this to the babycenter board and they reminded me that I forgot to mention a couple of key points. 

1. In my video, I mention that you want a line right through the knees and hips. A better visual is the “M” position. It is a natural position for the baby and it’s important that when you are adjusting the wrap for your baby, you get “knee to knee” coverage with the wrap so that the weight it always on the bum. 

(just grabbed this image from google)

(just grabbed this image from google)

2. Another good thing to mention, is that most of the time, stretchy wraps are worn too loose! They should feel “t-shirt snug”. They said a good tip is to put your baby on, wait a minute, lightly bounce a little to see if it is going to stretch out and then tighten. 

3. The main thing I  forgot is that the baby has to be “Kissably close”. When he is at the right height on your chest, you should be able to kiss his head. You don’t want them to dangle down low. 

A little shout out to Drooseme2 for helping me out! 

Thanks for reading and happy wearing!

Love, Darla


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